Research Agenda / Scientific Coordination of Webdatanet

In order to provide a framework for coordination, the scientific scope of WEBDATANET is primarily divided into THREE BROAD RESEARCH THEMES emerging as important areas in the field of web-based data collection. For each theme, one WORKING GROUP (WG) has been established. Each group can create TASK FORCES OR SMALL GROUPS. A Task Force (TF) is a group of researchers who work towards a specific goal, such as a special journal issue or a workshop. The output of  each Task Force is closely linked to the  goals as stated in the original WEBDATANET proposal and  the Memorandum of Understanding.

 The three research themes are:

Other TF or SG not included in any of the WGs





 TF1: Challenges and pitfalls of measuring wages via web surveys – some explorations on weighting 

TF2: Evaluation of questionnaire quality 

TF3: Web surveys and mixed modes in representative samples 

TF4: Internet panels in Europe 

TF24: Experiments on students samples


 TF5: Organization workshop Bergamo (finished) 

TF6: New types of measurement 

TF7: Informing Web surveyors: Webdatametrics workshops 

TF8: Dissemination of WG2 findings (finished) 

TF9: Improvement of iScience portals

TF15: Web data collection from non-reactive sources 

TF19: Mobile Research 

TF20: Paradata 

TF22: Pilot study to examine the potential of Twitter and Facebook in the election year 2013 in Germany (PEP-TF) 

TF29 "Media metrcis and webdata"

SG1: Social desirability 

SG3: Two-dimensional scaling

SG2: Dynamic text fields

 TF10: General Framework for Error Categorization in Internet surveys

TF11: How Web-based data collection is changing the empirical (social science) research?

TF12: Webdatametrics Master Academic Board 

TF16: Selecting survey for experimenting implementation and implementation guidelines

TF 17: Going toward Integrated web data collection in official statistics?

TF 21: GenPopWeb: Using the web to survey the geenral population

TF25: Web data, Digital Data and Applied Economics

 TF18: Organization Iceland MC Meeting (finished)

SG5: Organization Ljubljana Training School: Practical implementation of web surveys. (finished) 

TF13: WebSM improvement

TF14: Development & supervision Website 

SG4: Couldn't find a TF/SG fitting your research interests? 

TF23: WebDataNet Long-Term Strategy

TF26: Webdata journal


TF 27 "Organization of the meeting in Greece"

TF 28  "Organiztion of the final meeting in Salamanca"