Up-coming Webdatanet events: 

  Past Webdatanet events:

  • Core Group Meeting End of the 1st Grant Period, Brussels 20 June, 2012



       COST Grant Workplan 2nd period  

             COST Grant Workplan 2nd period ***Revised

  •  3rd Webdatanet MC & WGs meeting, Mannheim 8 March, 2012


       Invitation letter & draft agenda

       Agenda for the 3rd WEBDATANET Meeting – “Deepening interactions and collaborations”

       MC Agenda


  • 2nd Webdatanet MC & WGs meeting, Amsterdam 30th November - 2 December 2011


             Full agenda

             MC agenda

             Presentations abstracts


  • Kick-off Webdatanet MC meeting, Brussels 16-17 June 2011

             Minutes 1st Webdatanet MC meeting, Brussels 16-17 June, 2011