According to the Memorandum of Understanding the primary objectives of WEBDATANET are:

1. To create a multidisciplinary network of web-based data collection experts, (web) survey methodologists, psychologists, sociologists, economists, media researchers and public opinion researchers to accumulate and synthesize knowledge of methodological problems of data collection on the Internet;

2. To provide a discussion platform and to organize meetings for the Action Members to develop a sound theoretical and empirical foundation for web-survey methodology, web-based experimenting, testing, non-reactive data collection, and mobile Internet research, as well as for new emerging forms of web-based data collection;

3. To foster the joint efforts of Action members to submit cross-national research proposals for national and European funding;

4. To publish research findings in the form of articles in well known international scientific journals, books, reports and working papers;

5. To disseminate knowledge and findings, communicate activities, address open issues, prepare guidelines, and organize help and interaction for the majority of EU researchers through the Action website;

6. To stimulate early stage researchers to take part in the Action activities and to present and discuss their work;

7. To explore the possibilities of web-based data collection methods and particularly web surveys for academic and scientific purposes, for official bodies and statistical institutes which are interested in implementing such methods;

8. To internationalize the Action by extending its contacts with researchers outside Europe for the sake of the globalization of results, outreach activities and implementations, and European competitiveness within the field;

9. To establish a modern virtual platform for continuous professional networking (beyond the Action), where all researchers in this area will disseminate their materials, discuss issues, inform themselves, and communicate with users.